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The 10 worst rappers to start a beef with (With Pictures)


Worst rappers to start a beef with – Within the entertainment industry, hip-hop artists have become notorious for overly-inflated egos, which makes it really hard for everyone to get along. While there are some artists who prefer to keep their opinions to themselves, there are others who find it hard to keep their mouths shut.


Gone are the days when a rapper could express their displeasure with another through a quick line or diss track. Hip-hop beef has evolved into something much more personal and public at the same time. Derogatory words just don’t have the same punch anymore; rappers must shame their opponents through use of social media, or engage in sexual acts with their spouse. Things get downright ruthless!

Throughout the years there have been rappers who ended the careers of others through their skill and tact, making other artists in the game aware that they are not the ones to be trifled with. Here’s a list of the top rappers you’d do best not to disrespect.

10. Ludacris


Ludacris may come off as one of the more amicable hip-hop artists in the game, which is the reason why the Atlanta-raised rapper is frequently underestimated when it comes to exchanging verbal blows. While he’s never been one to gloat, Ludacris’ style and flow is widely considered to be one of the most influential in the industry, and he’s more than willing to remind the new school artists of this when they happen to forget.

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