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Now you can text and walk; see 4 ways to pull this off successfully. You will like #1

Many of us are guilty of walking and texting with our phone. This should not surprise anyone because we are now in the smartphone age.

With its arrival, we are always distracted while driving and walking on the highway. In fact, in some countries, they have put up banners warning people about the dangers of text-walking.

This said, advising that you should stop using your smartphone while walking may not be tenable because we all do it so find below some useful tips for walking and texting simultaneously.

1.         Do not send or respond immediately

We are all addicted to our smartphones. Hence, we love to chat with girlfriend, family, and friends on BBM, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram whether we are walking or not. No matter how important the message (s) is, you should not reply or respond immediately. Get to wherever you are going and settle down to reply.

2.        Simply let your phone be

The best way to be safe while walking or driving is to let your phone be. Only use it when you are not doing any of the aforementioned.

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