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5 types of ladies some guys are scared to date – #1 and #5 are no go area

Guys know all of the different kinds of women out there, and we always keep an open eye for the ones we should avoid, just as women know to avoid certain types of guys. When guys date, we bring with us the knowledge of not only every bad relationship we’ve been in ourselves, but the knowledge of every bad relationship we’ve ever heard about from our friends, from someone’s cousin, from a best friend’s roommate, etc. What’s important to remember is that, like any caricatures, most women do not fit into any of the following categories.


But, there are women that perfectly live up to these nightmarish vision of girls to avoid:


These ones are always seen as no go area as long as the guy is not religious, guys are not always around these ones because of their strict believe on NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE. They are not easily bent, they are always seen in churches with their scarf and bible, though there are really bad eggs among them but the extremists superceeds.

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