Home Entertainment Single mother, Gifty Powers comes for deadbeat dads

Single mother, Gifty Powers comes for deadbeat dads

Gifty Powers
Gifty Powers

The single mom of one, Gifty has taken to social media to berate deadbeat fathers amidst claims that singer, Mr 2kay, is not the father of her daughter, Alisha.

The reality star slammed deadbeat fathers who are proud to take that spot even without doing anything for their kids, added that they deserve a miserable death.

“There is a giant difference between a dad and a father. Now, a Dad is a sperm dono (one who ‘distributes’ his sperm around without self-control). While, a father is one who takes full responsibility of his child, from pregnancy till date. If you are a man and feel so proud of calling yourself a Father when you never even full plate b4, then you are nothing but a worthless thing and deserve a miserable death,” she wrote.

Read her post below;

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