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LADIES! 10 easy ways if your boyfriend is a stingy guy

10 ways to spot a stingy guy
10 ways to spot a stingy guy

Nobody likes stingy guys…And that is not to say that not liking a stingy guy is being a gold digger. Let’s be clear; some of us are independent and we are totally okay with splitting bills and cost sharing in the relationship – we can bankroll ourselves. But sometimes, even when you’re offering to pay for yourself, you will meet a man who is pinching his pennies like a mother! We get that you have bills, and all that but so do we.

How I see it is, if you cannot treat your woman like a princess, maybe it’s best to get into a relationship when you’re financially stable or look for one who is okay with an average treatment and again, it’s not gold digging to want to be treated in a certain way. If you’re the kind that’s okay with a 100 bob wedding and the likes, it’s totally okay, to each his own.

A real woman can do it all by herself but a real man won’t let her – Anonymous

That said, here’s how to spot a stingy guy:

1. When it comes to taking you on dates, he knows all the cheapest restaurants.

2. He’s also the kind that will insist on splitting the bill all the time.

3. If it’s a drinks date, he will probably start saying how tired he is after one drink.

4. Especially if it’s in a fancy restaurant…
he will start suggesting things like “Should we move to another place?”

5. Matter of fact, if your drink is over and the waiter comes to ask if you want another round,
he will probably say something like “It’s getting late.”

6. He won’t tip the waiter (even when service was excellent) and if he does, it will be just a meager tip.

7. On your birthdays or special occasions like Valentine’s day, he will not get you anything. He hates buying gifts.

8. Speaking of gifts, God forbid he’s the kind that gets you plastic roses on Valentine’s day…

9. He has reservations to get you a taxi every now and then. He tells you to “Panda mat”.

10. Boss, Taxify is like…like so affordable you can’t pay one way at least?

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