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The most hilarious and best #10yearschallenge photos rocking the internet right now (Photos)

Pictures tell stories and the current #10yearschallenge which has taken over the internet is helping majority of people tell a special story about themselves and their journey through life in the last decade.

Life is precious and sometimes, even the bravest people lose the will to live and ultimately surrender on the battlefield. More than being interesting and quite hilarious, the 10-year-challenge shows a generation of people who have grown in a decade and are hopeful that the future will bring even more blessings.

As far as the challenge is concerned everyone is in on it. It is also an important moment in history for the world as such a thing as displaying progress has united people regardless of race, colour or location. It is safe to say that the internet has indeed made the world a global village and right now, all its citizens are respecting and participating in the then versus now challenge.

While some have gone straight to achieve their set goals and made manifest their dreams, others just look older, bigger and even more beautiful. However, some photos just knock one’s socks right off and it is often said that laughter is good for the soul.

We took a look at some of the most hilarious and best #10yearschallenge photos on the internet and truth be told, growth and progress can be beautiful and sometimes, funny.

Take a look below:

Well, life does happen with or without permission.

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