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My boyfriend disvirgined and made me like s*x so much but broke up with me after he went for NYSC – Heartbroken Lady cries out

Heartbroken Lady
Heartbroken Lady

Every now and then, we always feature stories of heartbreaks in relationship and it is not to spite nor mock the people involved but to make them serve as deterrents to others out there who have not experienced any kind of heartbreak and aleays quick to point out the flaws of their partners. Trust me, it can get worse.

A young Nigerian lady who thought she has found her eternal love shared her heartbreak story with our very own inbred relationship expert, Paulinus Okodugha.

Read her full account below;

Hello TheinfoNG, So I met this guy a month before my 19th birthday in 2017 and he was the hot cake of my area. A 24years old graduate waiting to go for his NYSC. He was a trophy boyfriend because most girls even older than I am wanted him and it made me wonder what he saw in a girl so young. Little did I know that he wanted to exploit my naivety. Three months after we met, we started dating. Trust me, this guy is nothing like the other guys I’ve been with, he’s so caring, hardworking, cherishes me so much and makes me do bad things I’ve never thought I’d do in my life because I was a regular church girl. After much deliberation and persuasion, I decided to give him my virginity and it took long before he finally got it cuz I was always in pain anytime he tries to go in. After we finally had sex, I became an addict and he was readily available to service me anytime I was horny. Not only was the sex great, he made me a better person, encouraged me to go back to school and I wrote jamb again and got into the university but chose to be going from home just so I could be with the love of my life. It was time for him to go for service, then the whole drama started. He went for three weeks orientation camp and things were really good between us, we managed to talk every night regardless of the rigors of camp activities. After three weeks he got back, I was happy my man was back and after one of our explosive sex sessions, he told me he was leaving me that I’m not the type of girl he wants to date and I am not up to his taste and level that he wants a woman who can challenge him, a support system. What pained me the most was that he said he can’t even introduce me to his friends. This guy took away all my innocence and naivety and dumped me after I promised myself I will only have sex with the guy I will marry. I am not ready to lose him, I will do anything not to let him go.

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