Home News Nigerian Student kills himself after project supervisor rejected his project work (Photos)

Nigerian Student kills himself after project supervisor rejected his project work (Photos)

Nigerian Student kills himself

A Nigerian student named Wale Adigun has reportedly killed himself and his major reason for taking his life was because his Project Supervisor accused him of plagiarism in his undergraduate dissertation.

The young man in a chat with his friend before taking 50 pills of Sedatives and Analgesic made it known that he was tired of failing and he wants to rest.

His friend, Olanrewaju made it known on Social media that he eventually lost his life.


The rate at which young people kill themselves in the country is getting quite alarming. This is coming few weeks after a female Twitter user, Ibukunoluwa82, who had been tweeting suicidal posts after going through severe depression, is dead. Her death was confirmed by her cousin through her Twitter page. Though the cause of death is yet to be known, people believe she committed suicide as she always posted about it every now and then.

Ibukun, who had put up a lot of depressing tweets and death threats was reportedly going for psychiatric evaluation after her school had suspended her indefinitely for hitting a male student on his head with a chair after he assaulted her by pulling her bra at the back and releasing it till it snapped her on her her back on October 13th, #NoBraDay.

#NoBraDay: is an annual  observance on October 13 on which women are encouraged to forgo wearing a bra as a means to encourage breast cancer awareness.


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  1. Odeh..its high time ppl know that certificate and school is overatted in nigeria…so lets assume he graduated wit a first class,do u knw how many first class holders roaming the streets now without job…i know a big firm in abj that has its security man as a first class graduate…in nigeria now,common bussiness sense and connection works!!!

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  3. Its Sad to note that guy with a promising future has just eliminated himself in such a cruel and unjust manner. I wonder how he can rest in peace under this atmosphere of personal hostility to himself….

    Very unfortunate, I wish he is truly resting in peace.

  4. Like seriously some supervisors are really frustrating, been with one that I shed tears but it has not gotten to that, you just have to soak him in prayers and do your best.

  5. I swear mehn i knw the feeling, when i was told i wouldn’t present my project..I started to imagine life on the streets.. But thanks to God i presented later on. The feeling is horrible

  6. totally unbelievable, but from my point of view, I think he must have an ongoing battle with some other issues weighing down on his mental health. May be the rejection from the supervisor added to his trauma and then he couldn’t bear. There is truly a thin line between life and death. Some people lose their lives in the way we dont even expect. People need to be open minded to discus their issues and seek solution rather than seeing suicide as the gateway to end their misery.

  7. Big mistake.I faced desame thing when I was writing my project in school den imagine I gave my supervisor 8 topics he cannot see any one until I reported to management and everything was settled

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