Home Entertainment Nigerian man beats up lady, tears her bra in Ikeja City Mall,...

Nigerian man beats up lady, tears her bra in Ikeja City Mall, (Video)

man beats up lady, tears her bra
man beats up lady, tears her bra

Yesterday being a weekend, Nigerians winding down at the Ikeja City Mall witnessed a fracas erupt between a Nigerian man and a lady. The guy was recorded beating up a female with the cause of the bout still unknown.

At the parking lot of the mall, an eye witness captured the moment a man hit a lady with his head – according to the eye witness, there had been a clash between the duo before they were then recorded on camera.

The reason why they had the brawl is foggy as eye witness who had approached the man stated that he didn’t give in details why he assaulted the lady only that she was the one who assaulted him first and that was what caused him to retaliate.

Watch the video below,


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  1. I don’t no what start the fight but all I can say is that the lady is too violent and deserve some serious beating. I know ladies to have much power in their mouth but I hate a lady hit a man or slap a man to the extent that people are holding you but you wouldn’t listen.

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