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I am homeless, my wife and kids left me after I was scammed by ‘Bankers from Nigeria’ – Read the touching story of a Canadian man

Man scammed by yahoo boys
Man scammed by yahoo boys

A Nigerian man met an homeless man on the streets of Canada. The homeless man was once rich and gave to charity…… Until he fell into the hands of Nigerian scammers (Yahoo Boys). His wife and kids left him.

Here’s the story of the Canadian man who lost all he had (family, source of income) because he met a Nigerian Internet scammer who is probably enjoying someone’s hard earned labour .

His voice was gravely, wet and ingratiating.

The bald man at the coffee store, with the stained previously white Lacoste polo top.

He was smiling through yellow teeth that were missing a few.

And his smile was upsetting.

But not as much as the odor that oozed out of him and his impossibly dirty, over worn black Nike running shoes.

“What if I said to you that someone, say an aunt of mine, alright, left me a f…..g huge inheritance, but cos of the f…..g tax man here in Canada, I am in search of someone in Nigeria, to give me his account number, so I could wire the money there. But, wait for this. Here is goes. But because I need to pay some corrupt bankers here and get some big guns upstairs to look the other way, I need you to give me some of your money to pay them off, and when I wire my huge inheritance over, you will first take the money you gave me to pay off the big guns up here, before we spilt the money into half. 50 – 50. What will you say to me?”

I smiled.

But remained silent.

I was sitting with a friend of mine having a meeting.

The friend is a regular at the coffee store.

It was the friend who had introduced me to this smelly sight of a man, as ha writer from Nigeria but based in Canada, when he had walked in and let out a loud –

“Now see who is here!”

I had simply nodded before the man offered me his hand.

Better safe than sorry.

“He doesn’t want to say cos he knows that its a f…g scam. You know what I said to the son of a gun who spewed that BS to me the other day?”

I remained smiling but stayed silent.

My friend looked on close to embarrassment.

The coffee addicts around us barely took notice.

He continued.

“I said in the loudest voice possible – F… you, arsehole! If you want to be a thief, then by God learn how to steal with some brains. Then I told him that I work for the CIA and I was going to come all the way to Africa. I said, here this you mortherfucker, I’m gonna find you, and when I do,, I will kill every one of your family, make you watch, then I’ll fart in your face, an ole stinking cold fart before I kill you slowly. The Ahole was silent. I could him breathing. Deep. Huhahuhahuhahuha, like he was having a f…. g heart attack. Then I gave it to him. Sweet. The only way I could let you ass live is if you wire me 100,000 USD in a week.”

He broke out laughing.

As he did so he held the table to steady himself.

And his odor was even more overpowering.

He continued as soon as he caught his breath.

“You know what he did?’

He continued without waiting for a response.

“He hung up. Quickly. And I laughed for days. The idiot didn’t even do his homework. He didn’t know I am a f….g guy with a cell phone who lives on the street. He wants to rip off a f……g homeless guy. I mean what else do the bastards want from me? What else do I have to give? He pulled up the wrong card, his dice rolled up with a four instead of a six. He lost this time around. No luck this time around motherf…..r”

He continued laughing for a short while longer before he stopped to catch his breath.

Then continued.


“Can you believe it? I mean what are the chances that he got my number? Crazy right? Oh well, I hope both you gentlemen are having a great afternoon. It’s a lovely day today.”

My friend who I was having the meeting with responded in the affirmative.

Then the man leaned closer and whispered.

“Hate to be a bother, but could I get a couple for a coffee , a bite and something to take off the edge?”

We both smiled.

Peeled out a couple of notes and handed him over.

He collected it with a wide grin.

And a loud chuckle before he spoke.

“God bless Canada and these two good men! You two have a wonderful day.”

He turned looked down at the Barista behind the counter and shouted loudly and playfully.

“Hellooo! Guess who is back?!”

He sauntered over.

Taking most of his odor with me.

I watched him.

The seat of his pants were soiled.

A wet dirty brown.

I cringed.

My friend whispered to me as I turned to face him.

“Used to be a really great guy. Ran a couple of businesses. Made himself a nice living. He responded to one of those emails from Nigeria. They had him real good. Sold everything to send money down there. Lost it all. Wife took the children and left him. He totally went over the rails. Keeps relieving it all. Day after day. Like a nightmare you can’t wake up from. Sad don’t you think?”

I couldn’t respond.

The shame had me in a choke hold.


Source: Facebook, Jude Idada

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