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‘Fire burns me, evil spirits and lions chase me every night’ – Yahoo Boy Cries out

Fire burns me, evil spirits and lions chase me every night'
Fire burns me, evil spirits and lions chase me every night'

A Ghanaian Yahoo boy has cried out for help as he claimed fire burns him; evil spirits, and lions haunt him after his attempt to get rich quick through diabolic means.

According to him, his love to get rich at all cost took him to a spiritualist who claimed to have powers to double his money and make him rich quickly.

Though he adhered to the terms as spelt out by the spiritualist, the money never came and he has been left to battle with evil spirits who have been tormenting his life ever since.

Narrating his story on GHOne TV News, the 27-year-old (name withheld) disclosed that he had traveled abroad to seek greener pastures but it failed.

Upon his return, there was so much pressure on him to make money and he thus decided to turn to a spiritualist for help.

“The spiritualist requested for GHC 1,500 and placed it in a box and [he] was reciting some incantations whiles pushing the box. He also gave me some powder and asked me to sprinkle it whiles he was saying the incantations.

After all this, I realized lots of money in the box and he told me I had to offer a sacrifice before I could use the money. He later said the sacrifice was worth GHC 2,500 and I have to provide it within two days. I complained to him that the initial money I gave to him was lent to me by a friend and that I couldn’t afford such money but he insisted,” he revealed.

Curiously, the troubled young man did not get the money the money he was promised but has had to live in fear because he feels like he is being haunted.

Yahoo boy ritual
Yahoo boy ritual

“The spiritualist also asked me to buy a pot, egg, bag and padlock and he will put the money in the pot for me and that the money will be okay for me to use after some few months.

“Since the day I brought the pot home, I do not feel free. I am being haunted and I can’t sleep till the next morning. It is always like I am being haunted by human beings, lions and fire. They appear physically and I don’t know what to do,” he stated.

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  1. This blugers are very stupid, so whatten consign yahoo for watten this guy talk now?

    Most of u commenting rubbish about yahoo boys being ritualists why not open the news and read carefully to see if this young man mention anything consigning Yahoo

  2. Like I care. No matter what, run away from yahoo and herbalist wey wan make u rich quick but he remains poor….though, the young man never mentioned anything yahoo sha.

  3. Those innocent souls you’ve killed are coming for revenge, why complaining, enjoy your money was it not money you killed them for? Haven’t you heard there is no peace for the wicket?

  4. What a pity dis world is full of deception and Satan has nothing to offer you but to lead You to path of destruction and there is no shortcut in life. a dog that will lost won’t heard the whistle of the hunters

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