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‘I have been with my ‘broke’ boyfriend for 4years because i know he has a future’ – Lady explains

Why I’ve had a single boyfriend in 4 years
Why I’ve had a single boyfriend in 4 years

A Nigerian lady who goes by the name Patience has taken to her social media profile to tell the world the reason why she has stuck to a single boyfriend for about 4 years

In her own opinion, she believes doing runs is morally wrong and with her strong faith in her boyfriend, she knows he will one day become a wealthy man and so she does not have the urge to run after men

She wrote:

Why I stick to my boyfriend for the past 4yrs… I no he has a future, some day he will become a man with full of wealth. I don’t believe in doing runs,, jumping from one old man to another. It doesn’t pay, rather you are killing ur stars as a lady.

I love u Mr Ezekiel Umaru.

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  1. Why are u now breaking the news.. For u to talk now shows u have ran out of patience.. Incase the boyfriend is listen or reading this message go and hustle and make ur girl happy.. do u know what it means for a lady to call her boyfriend broke on social media…

  2. Don’t put ur eggs in one basket as u are waiting for him to rise also engaged urself in starting something useful to ur life like going to sch or learning hand work or buying and selling. sex is not everything man is also waiting for u cuz he knows u av a bright future.

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