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“I urinated on my boyfriend’s bed the first time he told me to sleep over”— Nigerian Lady cries out

I urinated on my boyfriend’s bed
I urinated on my boyfriend’s bed

A Nigerian Lady who urinated on her boyfriend’s bed has shared her story with relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin.

Here’s what he wrote: “Joro, I did the most stupid thing in my life today. So I have been dating my boyfriend for 5 months now, I went to see him at his place yesterday and he asked me to spend the night, which I did.”

“Joro, we had so much fun all through the night and only for me to wake up this morning to see that I urinated on the bed”

“Joro the bed was full of my urine. He was awake before me, I already knew he saw what I did, So I went to meet him and started begging.”

“He said I shouldn’t bother, that shits happens. But sincerely I’m not comfortable with it, I want to break up with him, Joro I’m ashamed of myself”.

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  1. My dear, you dont need to break up with him. If he is the man for you, he will accept you the way you are and make you better than you have ever been. Yes shit happens and that means, people make mistakes. You made a mistake but not on purpose.

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  4. sorry about that, stop talkin too much in the nite before u go t bed,then u buy a clock to set time t wake up in mid nite t use the wash room.try it for one month to three months and see.

  5. Pls don’t eat or drink late at night and you should consult your pastor…….. Na so 1 spirit just dey tell me for 1 night piss for here you dey outside na only God save me if not i for disgrace myself that for my friend house……. My sister village really dey exist

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