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Top 10 skills on high demand in Nigeria currently – You can learn No. 4 on your own in just 2 weeks & start making serious money

Skills on high demand in Nigeria
Skills on high demand in Nigeria

Skills on high demand in Nigeria: The need for acquisition of skills in a country like Nigeria where poverty and unemployment rate is high cannot be over flogged. It is unfortunate that the Nigerian education system does not allocate room for talent identification, development and skill acquisition. Where there is no availability of white collar jobs, one has to make good use of a skill to survive. Parents should go overboard to ensure that their children and words acquire a skill or two in addition to school certificates.


There are many vocational skills in high demand in Nigeria that can earn you more money than a four year degree, if you are willing to try out any vocational skill, you can pick from any below


There is an endless demand for food all over the world; I do not believe there can be too many food handlers or vendors because all human beings irrespective of their social strata must eat to survive and not every meal can be prepared at home.

I know excellent fine dining restaurants that are owned by people who have obtained degrees in non-food related fields.

Many young Nigerians have acquired training as chefs and have been able to build popular and successful food brands that have earned them both money and fame, some of them operate from the comforts of their home with the help of social media and the internet.

There are many caterers, bakers and their likes who make good money by running their brands online. Food service is an in demand vocational skill that enjoys a healthy outlook that keeps growing steadily.

Anyone with food service skills must definitely find a job if they are not yet ready to run their own business.

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Computer software and equipment is a fast rising market, because the computer is useful and complex, creating a need for more specialists and technical support.

The good thing here is that one can acquire moderate vocational training on computer support and technology to earn a reasonable amount of money.

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