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See what this Nigerian lady wore to a wedding party that is got everyone talking (Photos)

What Nigerian lady wore to a wedding party that is got everyone talking
What Nigerian lady wore to a wedding party

These photos of a wedding guest’s outfit has since been trending online and many Nigerians who are not pleased with it, have reacted on Social media. The unidentified lady wore an outfit that put her boobs on full display, was said to be attending the wedding of her friend which reportedly took place over the weekend.

Nigerian lady cleavage
Nigerian lady cleavage

Photos of the wedding guest’s outfit has caught the attention of Nigerians, and a Nigerian lady, identified on Facebook as Finest Jenny who reacted to it, warned prospective guests at her wedding that they will be sent out if they wear such outfits.

She wrote;

“Wedding guest, on my wedding day there will be securities at the entrance to the venue, you dress like this they send you back to your papa house, you cannot come and seduce my innocent husband with your indecency.”

Nigerian lady cleavage
Nigerian lady cleavage
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  1. Pls every one dnt judge her so that u won’t judge, pls just pray for her that God should touch her and change to His glory ,may God have mercy on us all, cos one way or the other we have our own secret sin, but let me tell you all today, no sin is secret, small or big before our maker, thanks

  2. Nigeria is faced with lots of problem already, that we hardly see distractions coming, not even from Yuh..
    So I suggest when next yuh go for an occasion, dress nude…May be only then yuh will be noticed,till then madam we no de see yuh and your sucked to dead booby.
    Next topic please

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  4. When ladies in their normal day life can dress indecently in public places without being criticised why should they be castigated when taken to wedding?
    The bride might also have dressed indecently attracting someone’s boyfriend before!
    Until all ladies stop this kind of indecent dressings, the days of wedding will always be tragic!!!

  5. Her dress matches clothing worn by others. Do guests normally wear matching clothes at weddings in Nigeria? Seems she might not just be a guest…..

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