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‘Please stop taking injection for big bumbum’ – Lady warns, after her fake b*tt exploded (Photos)

ke butt
ke butt

An Instagram American model is currently in very severe condition after her butt implants began having negative toll on her. Desiree Davis, popularly known as Smiley Asian on Instagram got illegal butt injections in 2010 through 2012 and it’s now affecting her health.

She’s been going in and out of hospital as a result of complications and is now warning women about getting b** injections.

In a video shared on her page, Desiree is seen crying as she spoke about her condition and warned women to love themselves as they are and not consider getting injections for larger b**ts.

She revealed that the people who performed the procedure on her are now in jail because someone didn’t make it during the procedure. So, she can’t go back to them to undo what they’ve done.

fake butt
fake butt

She is now sourcing for funds from people via a GoFundMe account to raise money for her medical bills.

She told her followers;

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  1. I don’t even know why you women panish yourself’s with so much do add to your bodies we men like natural ladies for your on info….If you have fake looks also a man will act fake on you. Wake up ladies

  2. Life is really short, leave your life to enjoy your self not to impress anybody, if anything go wrong with your health you see no body all people that always says,u fucking beautiful,their will run out,see the result of IG and FB now all because of like and comment, May God see you truth.

  3. No man worth ds, all in the name of impressing him, so u ll look sexy to please ur fellow mortal, everything about women are fake,from head to feet, why can’t we be OK with d way God created us, such a pretty damsel that could have impacted positively in lives of others, quite a pity, just HP there ll b a solution to ds impediment,

  4. Hahahahaha Lough want tear my boxer oooooo. All this small small girls that doesn’t have respect for men again just because of they are now going out with our grand grand father. They go soon hear the voice of the Lord.

  5. Tomorrow this one will now carry Bible to church for man of God to do miracle , if by mistake I step in to worship my God pastor will open mouth to tell me dat dis is my wife, thunder way go fire u and p man ehhh

  6. This is highly ridiculous…all because of men. We all have to be contented with how God created us… Now u are regretting ur actions big yansh don turn u to something else… I am slim nd I love the way I am even when they abuse me with my stature I will rather say thanks to them…. I can’t cobalize myself upon wetin… Mtcheeew

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