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Nigerian lady catches her boyfriend with another lady in Filmhouse cinemas and this happened (Video)

Nigerian lady catches her boyfriend with another lady

A video of two ladies dealing with a guy that was playing the both of them has surfaced online and it has been trending ever since.

In the video, a Nigerian lady trailed her boyfriend to Filmhouse Cinemas, Benin city Edo state and met him with another lady he is on a date with at the waiting area of the cinema. The two ladies who realized they had a common enemy began to assault the young man and it took the timely intervention of onlookers to separate them

Watch Video below

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  1. No lady has the right to embarrass me when am not legally married to you.. I can go sit out with a female it isn’t a crime.. Nonsense Nigerian ladies get that to your bull head stop been local and foolish

  2. I’m not justifying cheating, but let’s turn the tale around and say a man caught a lady cheating and they(men) both assualted the lady in question, all these ladies would have tagged them many unprinted names, let’s even say l’m the guy, as long as am not married to any of them, then they have no right to lay their hands on me else …… Hmmmm i reserve my comment.

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  4. The guy na fool, if na me I go run🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️ leave their too. Na them dey rush us na mtcheww. If na warri girlfriend she go keep quiet enjoy with them then later she will be like? Bros you try oh but next time no try am again 👍👍

  5. My Advice to her(Wife)just being praying for ur husband to love u and care for u…cos No man on this earth is Single ..de cheat alot
    Ur husband may decide to chase u out of d hus and bring d girl(his gf).So dear Pray that ur Husband loves You.

  6. In my country( SA) if they catch your boyfriend /girlfriend /husband /wife cheating they take them pictures and including their car number plates if you have a car and they tag their partners on fb and tell them the person s name that they are cheating with . They say they are fixing the country.cheating is a stress thing. You cannot be free in anything you do

  7. Nonsense………u will just die before ur time……nt even ur husband……..the best to do is go to ur house buy plenty food and juice……this life is very simple why following the guy around as if he’s with ur life……Nne u fuck up big time…..

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