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This morning I woke up a different person, I forgive Linda Ikeji for everything she has done – Kemi Olunloyo

Kemi Olunloyo forgives Linda Ikeji
Kemi Olunloyo forgives Linda Ikeji

Now, Linda Ikeji can rest with her new born son as attacks from controversial journalist and owner of HNN, Kemi Olunloyo, would be over. Kemi, who has widely criticised Linda after the birth of her baby in the US, just revealed that she has forgiven Linda ikeji.

In a video-post she put out few hours ago, she made it known that she rarely forgives and forgets what people do, but for Linda, she has come to terms with the fact that she just has to. 

According to her, she woke up as a different person and has decided to let bygones be bygones.  She also made it known that Linda was the cause of her brand having a bad image in 2013 after Linda ‘falsely’ shared a post of her having firearms in her appartment, thereby losing deals from Etisalat and other top brands.

Kemi tweeted;

Today 11/10/18, I’m officially gonna forgive Linda Ikeji for DESTROYING my brand with a 2013 fake story about guns in my house. I lost deals with Etisalat, Food companies, endorsement deals. She laughed it out sarcastically. She’s had enough KARMA. Best Wishes Lin Lin

Linda exposed people for so long. We should not destroy others for the love of web traffic, look down on single moms and demean people’s children in the name of social media. Linda stay blessed. I mean it. God will give you peace. I endorse your App too. Stay strong!

Here’s the video;

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  1. Madam, shift jor. Every time, he be like say your prescriptions dey different? No one takes u serious madam kemi okay? As for u Linda, no be say I like you o, na just D’s brainless woman from born again xtian to born again Muslim to beg money from celebs, to talking rubbish, to spilling nonsense and forgot journalist responsibilities.

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