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It’s better the Alhaji I sleep with uses me for money rituals than my broke boyfriend I give free sex to – Nigerian girl

It's better an Alhaji uses me for rituals - Nigerian girl

Haaa! What won’t we hear in this Nigeria again? As in, where do all these girls think of things like this from? How can one ever wish or have the thought of being used for money making rituals, worse still, having a preference for the process?

A Nigerian girl whilst talking to a friend of hers a while back, said that she prefers the Rich Alhaji she sleeps with to use her destiny for rituals than her boyfriend to do same.

According to her, it’s better the Alhaji uses it than her “broke boyfriend” who she gives “steady free knacks“, to carry her destiny to an evil altar. Talking further, she said if her boyfriend makes money off her head, she will not rest in peace because her spirit will be agitated knowing fully well that he never paid for the sex he got (I shuddered at this point).

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She continued by saying, she prefers the Alhaji doing it, because, she doesn’t see any reason why someone who claims to love her (bf), would choose to sacrifice her for money.

In her own word, she said;

If at all any man wants to use me for rituals, let it be the Alhaji that pays me good money for knacks I render to him, than my broke boyfriend who I give knacks steadily for free.

My guys and I were gobsmacked after she said all these, and the crazier part is, she wasn’t even joking. She had a straight face all through her convo with her friend, and she didn’t mind that we could hear her. Bruh, some Naija girls no just send again oh!

What is your say on this?

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  1. And God say is there any of you who lack wisdom he/she should ask his/her heavenly Father to give him/her wisdom,you are just a waste of sperm I hope your mom is aware that you are here disgracing him?

  2. Nigeria celebrates never for one day encourage Young up coming youths in any form rather they lead them to hell with their selfish martial things which will lead them to everlasting regret.!!..fuck u.

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