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I dated him for 6 years, paid all his fees, had 7 abortions… but next week, he’s marrying my BF – Nigerian girl shares her story

I dated him for 6 years and had 7 abortions
I dated him for 6 years and had 7 abortions

Recall few days back, we shared a story about a guy who dated his girl for 8 solid years, never had sexual relations with her but eventually got dumped after she was done with her Master’s programme.  If you missed it, Read Here. Well, today’s story might just make you CRY.. Literally. This story is saddening, saddening because the lady in question may or may not be able to conceive again. Saddening because, some men are truly scum and also, because a lover was not only fooled but a close friend was used to fill the gap. Life!

Unlike last week’s story, this came directly from the horse’s mouth. According to her, she summoned the courage to tell her story after she read about the guy whose girl left immediately she rounded up her MSc. 

And like always, I’d try to summarise this as much as I can. We will replace the girl’s name with Ms. J and the guy’s as Mr. J.

Like I stated earlier, this is directly from the horse’s mouth. By the way, if you have a story to tell, kindly forward to [email protected]. We will definitely protect your identity and never share your details.

Sit back, relax and read through….

In the year 2009, Ms. J who resides in Abuja, rounded up her Secondary School studies and like many other Nigerian fresh high school graduates, she attempted JAMB. (For readers who aren’t familiar with our great country’s education system, Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

Of course, she was a very smart girl, so she passed with a good score (297 to be precise) and luckily for her, she was shortlisted for PUME (An examination conducted by Universities to further screen candidates). Fast forward to her journey to the West, she was to stay with her aunt for her PUME and like every concerned Nigerian parents, they had instructed her aunt (father’s youngest sister) to make sure she read thoroughly for her PUME which was suppose to hold in few days.

But truly, they didn’t even need to go that far, because she was a “serious-bookworm”, a bookworm who intentionally bereft herself from the pleasures of “hanging out or making friends” but made sure her books followed her wherever she went to! In fact, she was the Library prefect in her Secondary School days (I forgot to chip that in, earlier.)

Few days after flying into town, it was time for her to yet again make her family proud. Her aunt drove her to the University…. It was the University for the big boys and girls. The University where things happen.. The University where “all dem ladies” loved packaging themselves. She went in for her PUME and came out with smiles. She knew she had worked her usual magic and was very certain her first attempt into University was a done-deal.

She had asked and begged her parents to let her stay with her aunt for a while, so as to chill with her (her aunt wasn’t married by the way). Her parents agreed, after all, she was with her closest relative they thought, it wouldn’t be so nice to just let her breeze in for her PUME then out immediately she’s done. “Give the girl some breathing space”, they thought.

Her aunt was an entrepreneur who had a thriving Digital Agency, which was quite popular. She had a staff strength of about 25. One day, Ms. J asked that she followed her to the office, and she obliged. That was the day everything started changing!

She met Mr. J in her aunt’s company. He was a part-time staff in the agency and right after her meeting with him, things took a drastic turn. In fact, it was love at first sight for her. According to her, Mr. J had everything she ever wanted in a guy. He did not only tickle her fancy, he also took her to cloud 9 by just gazing. (The question would be, what does a 17 year old book-worm know about “tickling fancy” right??).. Well,… 

One thing led to another, they started communicating, and all through the weeks she stayed at her aunt’s, she always followed her to her workplace and the times she stayed back home as a result of her menstrual cramps, she informed Mr. J, so he called in sick, didn’t show up at work but went to chill with, comfort and caress her. At that point, she was over the moon. To her, no one had ever shown her such care during her “painful moments“. This happened for 3 days and right under her aunt’s supervision.

She got excited when she got to realise that he was in the same university she applied and wrote her PUME. He was a second year student who decided to make extra cash by running a part-time job in Ms. J’s aunt’s digital agency.. It meant one thing, they will be closer if she eventually got admission into the University. 

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  1. Maybe he is not the right man for you that is one point, secondly, what were u thinking before u go all the way to seven abortion? In the first case, u have committed a very big sin. Thirdly sorry to tell you, but I think the guy were too clever than you. Lastly God will connect u to the right man who will make you to forget the seven abortion, IJN Amen

  2. That’s the problem with some young girls of now a days, they can not cook, they can not do anything good to a man, the only thing they no how to do best is sex.. And you think after giving him sex he will marry you my dear am sorry to disappoint you you don’t know what you want in life…

  3. I tell people every day.Never allow someone else to strip you off your joy,never let them determine how happy or sad you will live.Its so painful when you give love and get hurts,pains and deciet in return!!! Be smart enough to call it quit when you notice it’s not going to work out!! Emotional problems kills faster than Sickness because you alone bears the pains,no body renders treatment or takes you therapy unless you open up of which very few people will share! It leads to depression and degenerates to HBP which may result to heart failure or sudden death!! Please my people avoid considering what people will say,run away from any one that makes you sad or tries to kill your self esteem!! You have the right to be happy,live well and push on!! It’s you life not anyone else’s! Be happy , raise your head high and move on,when one door closes another better one opens!! Some partners are indeed evil and devish,whatever that will lift your spirit and make you happy,please do it!!!! Don’t look at anybody’s face,life Na per head,if it’s a husband that is frustrating,push him out of your head,get a companion to make you happy,if it’s a wife,delete her completely and move on!! If you die of depression,you alone will be buried and within a wee,he or she starts having sex with another partner,while you are gone beneath six feets battling with maggots!! I tell you again,nothing is worth dying for,your life is more precious,please live your life to the fullest!!!

  4. That is too rumassy and dramatrox …..How can you homogblobe abraminus in a gremissical manner of this type without considering the verybound and the bingunlistics nothing fallastic ….so kindly disregard the faframmy and the wacrozzy .thank you.

  5. If u use him to do Thanksgiving to ur villager ancestors, honestly he will be accepted, I don’t want to care what d lady did at d end for dumping bcus he shud have dumped her atleast 4yrs and not up to 6yrs

  6. My sister dere is a reason for everything, leave d judgement for God and 🙏🙏🙏 pray to God to forgive all ur sin and to provide ur own husband for u, is only God dat can judge and don’t plan evil against Dem so dat God will answer your prayer too 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. my sister sorry o, eyyah. just one and them wan ki themself. when una dey do am to guyz say e dey swt una? we are returning the favour. pls next news i cannot come and be receiving insult for anoda man sin pasisei

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  9. See why is hard to fall in love….You will ask dem do u love me???…they will say yes jux to satisfy u….Guys can hurt feelings to the core…they can break heart….Bby jux learn from this one…..and believe me when I say after sometimes he will come back and say “yes I left it was a mistake am sorry I couldn’t stay without u”….I jux pray ur feelings for him will be dead by then….sorry dear

  10. Sorry gal.. sometimes I blame d gals any guy who will ask u for sex bfr marriage to be honest with is not a husband material …. I have bin in some many broken relationship bcus of sex.. and I remain with my ideology if cant wait after marriage you can go…. what really happened to you is u whr carried away by emotions…. firstly now I will advice u to seek God first as him to forgive u.. cus d abortions u committed all through is a murder.
    As far as u are still alive u still have a chance if u repeat sincerely..

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