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Any guy who can’t wash and lick his GF’s undies when she’s on her period is a useless man – Nigerian Girl

Nigerian girl insults guys who can't wash their gf undies

Just like we said earlier, these days some Nigerian girls put up stuffs on Social Media that make one wonder what is really going on in the head of our African ladies. Earlier today, we shared a post about a girl who said she prefers the Alhaji she sleeps with to use her for money rituals than her boyfriend to do same, now we have another Nigerian girl spitting fire.

Hours back, a Nigerian girl with Facebook name; Slim Beauty, took to the Social Media platform to say the most insane thing about being in a relationship. According to her, any guy who can’t wash his girlfriend’s panties, and as well, lick it when she’s having her menstrual cycle, is a useless man.  Wow!

In her own words;

Slim beauty! Any guy that cannot wash his girlfriend pant when she dey her period na useless man I will call that one If possible lick de period. Na so my billionaire boyfriend dey do me. His prick na ak49

nigerian girl period pant
nigerian girl period pant

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