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Beautiful Lady comes down from Lexus SUV at Ijebu Ode & runs mad instantly (Photos & Video)

Lady runs mad
Lady runs mad

A Nigerian man has shared a video of a young lady who reportedly alighted from a Lexus SUV and ran mad immediately, drawing assumptions that she must have been used by ritualists and yahoo plus boys.

The incident reportedly happened in Ijebu Ode, Ogun state.

In the video, which started recording late after she came down from the car, the young lady can be seen covered in dirt and speaking gibberish.

Sharing the video on social media platform, Twitter, @honey_blackie wrote;

When they say stay with your broke boyfriend,ladies won’t listen…Guys are desperate ladies beware…This happened today at Ijebu-ode after she got down from a Lexus jeep

Another Twitter user @manlikeDee1 wrote;

I just saw a video of a very young beautiful girl. According to what I saw, she’s at Ijebu Ode. Unfortunately, she’s mad and has been used by ritualist or yahoo boys.

Few weeks back, I tweeted about a young girl I saw at Jakande roundabout which was also mad.

Watch video below:


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  1. D funny tin is DAT dis girls wen una dey say na guy use dem no b all cases oh… All dis girls dem dey go juju man hux just to get mode dicks… Juju dey back fire wen u use it wit or on d wrong person, any small tin ritualist or yahoo boys, dem girls dey do ritual too cus person no dey talk am na

  2. I swear this is getting out of hand we ladies need to be careful this boys don’t have joy again they have gone as far as using their front seat for ritual after sitting on it u just die like chicken the next day

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  4. Nonsense talk. This girl has been having mental disorder even during her exams same things occur. The school authority called d mother and she confirmed that that is not d first time…d lata took her psychiatric hospital for treatment

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