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10 signs to know that your boyfriend is a yahoo boy – run for your life if you notice No 8 & 10

How to know your boyfriend is a yahoo boy
How to know your boyfriend is a yahoo boy

How to know your boyfriend is a yahoo boy: Every woman  wants a stable relationship with a stable partner  that would someday lead to a loving union, however,  good and stable relationships are difficult to find these day because most guy are only out to take girls on a swing and leave. When entering a relationship, one of the thing women fears is dating a fraudster.

A fraudster is one of the most dangerous people to date because they are so skilled at lying that you cannot detect their true nature. Never mind because here are some simple and easy signs that can help you detect that tour boyfriend is a yahoo boy before he swindles you especially of you involved in internet dating.

1 Vague Profile

yahoo boys are usually not specific about the qualities they want in a partner on their dating site profile, this thus attracts more people to respond, when chatting with their victims, they usually sweet talk them by complementing them on their looks.

2 Sweet Talk

yahoo boys tell you exactly what you need to hear. Before they even get the chance to meet you, they are he first to use the ILY word. Every girl wants to hear the word “I love You” but when it comes too easily such as this, it should be highly suspected. They sweep you of your feet without you being aware. Honestly how can one decide to fall in love without knowing some basic things about the person such as charisma, value and moral standard?

3 Offline

Going offline is one of the strategies yahoo boys use to scam their victims. They prefer you to contact them via private email because dating sites usually protect people from scammers. For whatever reason, always avoid contacting  directly before meeting him in person.

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  1. Ladies run for your life, stop dating yahoo boys, and start dating armed rubbers, kidnappers, conductors, bike men, boss drivers, even beggers, then plan ur life with him, work with him, pray for him to be successful in life, then wen he finally made it in life he will marry ur friend who is prettier than u👌 Dis is Nigeria ma sister

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