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10 cheapest cities to live In Nigeria – You need to move out of Lagos if you want to make it in life (Photos)

cheapest cities to live In Nigeria
cheapest cities to live In Nigeria

Cheapest cities to live In Nigeria: Many Nigerians grew up dreaming of living in Lagos Port Harcourt or the FCT Abuja, which are known to be the most expensive cities in Nigeria. In reality, they can’t afford the standard of living in these cities because they come with high price tags. On the other hand, some Nigerians are looking for the cheapest cities to live in, places where our Naira will last a little longer, no matter their expenses.

Fortunately, there are cities that offer low cost of living with thriving economy, countless opportunities for investment and to earn money. The cities also offer laid back lifestyle, political stability and low cost housing.

Here are the 10 cheapest cities to live in Nigeria. These cities share one principal similarity, which is low cost of living.

1. Ikot Ekpene

cheapest cities to live In Nigeria
Ikot Ekpene by Ikpa road
Photo Source: Aksg govt

Ikot Ekpene is known as the ‘Raffia City’, is situated in Akwa Ibom state. The city is famous for its commercial activities and raffia business. Ikot Ekpene is the regional centre of commerce; it is famous for its commercial activities where notable exports of palm products and ground crops come cheap. Housing is affordable as new apartment buildings have all the modern amenities. The city and its neighbouring areas are accessible with public transportation, which are cheap and plentiful.

2. Aba

cheapest cities to live In Nigeria
Enitona Hotel in GRA, Aba North, Aba
Photo Source: Pjotter05 on Flickr

Low-cost housing in Aba has become a strong incentive for those who relocate to this quiet and peaceful city in Abia State. Houses are affordable, even to those with a median household income. Aba is a popular destination in the Eastern part of Nigeria, major economic contributions such as textiles, plastics, cement, cosmetics has contributed to the city’s affordability repute. The city has the largest market in West Africa, Ariaria International Market and that is why Fashion-savvy and business people visit this city for exportation and importation of goods. Food is very cheap because of the numerous villages surrounding this city and transportation is very affordable. The city’s oil wells and natural gas repository has given the city an added energy, attracting business travelers and investors from around the world.

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