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Top Post: Meet Becky Okorie, the lady who was the queen of demons in Karishika movie – See how she is now (Photos)

Becky Okorie Karishika movie
Becky Okorie Karishika movie

Do you remember that scary movie we all dreaded whilst growing up? I mean 90s babies oh! Do you remember the popular chant in this classic movie,  “Karishika, karishika, queen of demons, lucifer, lucifer, prince of darkness..”

The movie which was directed by Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi, was said to be one of the most insightful movies in Nollywood then, addressing witchcraft, adultery, fornication amongst others.

The movie, Karishika, starring Sandra Achums, Becky Okorie, Obi Madurugwu etc. displayed how satan eats his way into the soul of man..

To recruit new followers, Karishika (Becky Okorie) seduces people, thereby falling prey to to her because of her beauty and of course their shortcomings.

Becky, the protagonist, gave a pristinely amazing performance which won her accolades. But since the movie, we never saw her again. People say the movie gave her nightmares, others say, she just wanted to relocate, but whatever the case may be, we have found Becky Okorie.

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