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Salary structure of Governors, Deputy Governors & LGA Chairmen in Nigeria – You won’t believe the millions a LGA chairman makes per month

Nigerian Governors' salary
Nigerian Governors

Many a time, the salary of public office holders is often a subject of controversy as many have claimed that one of the reasons for the rising cost of governance in the country is the money allocated to pay the salaries of these officers. Also, there have been claims that if these officers reduce their salaries and allowances, there’ll be more funds for development. But is this really true?

Well, in this post, we’ve decided to address this controversy by taking a look at the average salary of the Nigerian governor. We will also look at the salaries of other public office holders in the state like the deputy governors, secretaries to the state government, and local government chairmen amongst others.

But first, what does it take to become a Nigerian governor, just in case you have the intentions of becoming one some time in the future.

Here are some of the requirements based on the Constitution:

  • You must be a Nigerian by birth
  • You must not be younger than 35 years.
  • You must be a member of a political party
  • The party should be your sponsor.
  • Your tenure is for four years but you can seek re-election once the first tenure is completed.

Now to the crux of this post which is the salary of Nigerian Governors.

Here’s a sneak peek. The basic salary is estimated at N2.2 million but this could rise up to N5million per month when you factor in allowances.

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