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Police to pay Charlie Boy N50 million over abuse during Resume or Resign protest

Police to pay Charlie Boy N50 million
Police to pay Charlie Boy N50 million

The Our Mumu Don Do advocate and confirmed Area Father, Charlie Boy will be smiling to the bank soon after a High court ruled that he was maltreated during a peaceful protest and should be compensated with the tune of N50million. Charlie Boy, who says, “People should not fear their government, the government should fear the people was maltreated by the Police during the “Resume or Resign” peaceful protest which he convened earlier this year. 

In a bid to solicit for good governance, Charlie Boy led a protest to call for the resignation of President Buhari who at the time was not deemed fit to pilot the affairs of the country. It was a peaceful protest intended to drive his point across that Buhari was unfit to be the president and should be relieved for a more competent fellow to take over.

But the police force decided to introduce violence to the protest by contaminating the arena with tear gas and water cannon as well as using wild police dogs to harass and disperse him and his fellow protesters during the peaceful demonstration at the Unity Fountain in Maitama, Abuja. Charlie Boy took up the matter and has had justice served.

Right about now, the police are to pay him a whopping N50m for the abuse which was absolutely uncalled for. The Federal High Court in Abuja has ordered the Police to pay him the money and Nigerians are happy about that.

– Eskimi

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