Home Entertainment Nina narrowly escapes near plane crash

Nina narrowly escapes near plane crash

Nina Narrowly Escapes Near Plane Crash
Nina Narrowly Escapes Near Plane Crash

BBNaija’s Nina was put into panic with other passengers, as the plane they boarded from Lagos to Owerri, on the 30th of October narrowly escaped death. Nina shared details of how she narrowly escaped death on social media.

According to the beautypreneur, the plane developed technical complications not long after taking off from Lagos. She added that the aircraft suddenly started spinning uncontrollably and was forced to head back to Lagos.

The incident immediately brought Nina into tears. A video showed one of the passengers in full panic attack mode that was rushed to receive better care upon landing at the Lagos airport.

Left in shock mode, the other passengers thanked God for saving them from what could have turned out as an incidence and end tragically.

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