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Meet the super hot model Diddy dumped Cassie for (Photos)

diddy new girlfriend
diddy new girlfriend

Cassie and Diddy have reportedly decided to call it quits after nearly six years together. The rap music mogul appears to have moved on following the end of his long term relationship. According to LoveBScott, Diddy has been seeing Jocelyn Chew.

He and the 26-year-old model have been spotted spending a significant amount of time together lately, even travelling to Miami as a couple. They were also seen hanging out during a recent Drake concert.

See photos below:

diddy new girlfriend
Jocelyn Chew and Diddy
diddy new girlfriend
Jocelyn Chew
diddy new girlfriend
Jocelyn Chew

Jocelyn isn’t the only woman Diddy’s been spotted with since his rumored split from Cassie, however. He’s been seen out and about with a woman called Gina Hunyh on several occasions.

Diddy’s affinity for women may be the reason he and Cassie called it quits. According to LoveBScott, she decided she simply wasn’t interested in being with him if he intended to continue being with other women.

Cassie’s rep confirmed her split from Diddy, but did not provide a reason.

So, who is Jocelyn Chew? Here’s what you need to know about the woman Diddy’s spending time with post-split from Cassie.

Who is Jocelyn Chew?

Jocelyn Chew is a 26-year-old model. She’s represented by Vision Models LA, Wilhelmina and MGM.

You may recognize her from American Eagle ad campaigns or the modelling series, The Face. She opened up about her time on the show to Zimbio, revealing that she was ‘nervous and excited’ to meet Naomi Campbell

She didn’t win, but told the outlet she was grateful for the experience.

‘My experience was a good experience. I don’t think that Naomi’s necessarily a diva. To me it’s just like she knows what she wants and she knows how it should be, and I think that she doesn’t beat around the bush with her critiques,’ Jocelyn said.

‘She’d rather just be direct instead of wasting time on trying to sugarcoat things.’

She previously described herself as ‘a thrill-seeker’.

Jocelyn told GQ: ‘So I’m always the model being asked to do something crazy. On set I’ve surfed in the ocean, ridden horses down a beach in Dominican Republic, and gone snowboarding down a mountain in Argentina.

‘One time on set we took helicopters to the top of some Canadian glaciers to shoot a winter campaign in summer.’

Jocelyn is also a huge Fortnite fan.

She shared a photo of herself holding a PlayStation controller writing: ‘What’s your user ID? Smdh I love Fortnite so much.’

The young model is Canadian, Chinese and Icelandic. She told GQ she grew up in British Columbia ‘on a farm’.

Source: Dailymail

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