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KARISHIKA full Nollywood movie download

Download Karishika full movie
Download Karishika full movie

Yesterday, after we uploaded Willie Willie on our Social Media pages, some lovers of old Nollywood movies asked that we do same for Karishika and some other horror movies, and you know we (Theinfong) can’t say no to request made by our wonderful friends on Social.

I am guessing you are on this page because you (i) heard of Karishika when you were very young but you never got to watch it because people told you it was very scary, (ii) To relive the experience or (iii) Never had the chance of watching it because you never saw it online.

Have you read: This is Africa, we train and discipline our children here.. Watch till the end ❤️❤️🤣

Well, not to worry, regardless of which of the 3 categories you fall into, we’ve got you covered now!

NB: We could only get the mobile version of this old but very educative, yet, horror movie. Enjoy the movie just like we did.


Click Here to Download Karishika Full Movie

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