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I dated her for 8 years, took care of her, never had sex with her, after her MSc, she dumped me – Man shares story

I dated her for 8 years - Man shares story
I dated her for 8 years - Man shares story

I heard this story and almost cried my eyes off. Each time I get to hear some ladies say, “men are scum”, I seldom keep quiet because I have loads of stories and experiences which when shared will not only silence them but may change their mentality about the “men are scum phrase.” So, a friend visited my house days back, whilst gisting, he shared a story about a bosom friend of his, who almost committed suicide over the girl he dated.

We will use Mr. I as the boyfriend and Ms. I as the girlfriend. I will try as much as possible to cut the long story short.

According to him, Mr. I had been dating Ms. I since 2008, he was in the university then, 200 level to be precise, while she was about finishing secondary school. And like many young lovers, everything was good and going fine except the usual “childish mentality” from both parties of course.

Things kept blossoming, everything soft and nice. She got into the university, a private Nigerian university, fortunately for Mr. I, it wasn’t one of those universities where phones weren’t allowed, so they kept communicating and in fact, since the relationship gradually started maturing, their love kept shinning bright like a diamond.. So bright that other male chyker’s couldn’t approach Ms. I because almost everyone in campus knew she was “bae-gaged.” Yes, she was that proud of her bae then.

Mr. I never missed the opportunity of leaving his university to visit her every weekend, notwithstanding the distance.. Oh, I forgot to tell you, he schooled in far away East, while she schooled in the West. And the journey from his university to hers took him 7-8 hours by road and of course, he always used road except extreme cases where he decided to use flight.

Not only did he risk his life plying bad roads every weekend just to see bae, he also made sure he got stuffs for her, food stuffs and sometimes money (He took it upon himself to bring provisions and money two weekends out of four, monthly). Indeed, bae was balling, no wonder she was so bae-gaged!

And whenever they were on break, back to their respective homes (fortunately they both lived in Lagos), he was with her almost every other day. In fact, both parents knew they were dating. Yes, and they both approved of it. Indeed, Mr. I was happy, he had the acceptance of bae’s family members and of course, the heart of bae (So he thought).

A couple of times, when bae resumed a new semester and Mr. I was still home, boss-man will take it upon himself to fuel his car and drive his woman to her uni, not only that, sometimes took provisions to bae’s siblings’ schools too. Mr. I was in love, so he just wanted to make her family members love him more.. Every guy who has truly loved, will know this feeling.. 

“Mans” was usually broke in school because of bae, you know, bae schooled in a private university and lifestyle was more expensive there. Of course, to please bae and make her family know he was man enough, Mr. I usually soaked garri in his hostel whilst he sent the food stuffs given to him by his parents to his girl.. Love nwantiti right?

Fast forward to his graduation, he got a job which wasn’t well-paying like that, but always made sure 50% of his salary went to bae’s account. Yes a whole 50%.. (It was at this point I literally started tearing up. A tear dropped from my eye and I am certain my friend saw this. If only he knew that I was tearing up because I couldn’t really fathom how “mans” was so in love that he forgot there is a difference between a girlfriend and a wife). Worst still is, he hadn’t even engaged her yet! Oh my gosh!!!!

Well, love was still there (so he thought). All through the years of dating, spending, killing himself to please she and her family, he never for once had any sexual relation with her. Never for once, because she claimed to be a virgin. The best he ever got was a kiss.. A kiss bruh! 

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  1. You’re a foolish man, don’t you know that most women likes sex as food, what else would you expect her to do when you weren’t satisfying her emotional needs when she needed it and was unable to tell you about it verbally, but only depended on those subtle signals she was giving you, then instead of you to be a man about it, you chose to be a foolish child. For some women, money isn’t everything, you have to be a man to her in all areas to be able to keep the beast in her in a place.

  2. You guys forgot that she said no sex till marriage.And as a faithful guy he kept his not knowing after caring for her she will dump him.Hmm this one dont weak me i tell you.Just like what a lady did to me this month Hmm

  3. Am sorry to say something here. What you did was the right thing if is for the fear of God and His righteosness. thats great. But after she graduated, are you waiting for her to tell you will you marry me. Of no you are d one. I stil can talk of our culture whic is good though. She may be seeimg you from the good man that wants to help aspect

  4. It’s a pity, I feel I’m on that same track but don’t know what will be the outcome of mine , anyway I have already build up my mind to face her if she comes up with this kind of news one day , it’s painful but she will be the one who will regret at the end, one day she will wish there can be a come back, by then you should be with the right woman for yourself,
    Mistake you did was by putting all ur eggs in one basket, if you had option B , this wold not have hurt you in this way , for me I got a lot of option , if A fail , b c d …….. are there to take over, period,

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  6. Am looking forward for a guy that can even buy me tea items, stringy guys keep coming my way 😪😪 I basically do everything for myself. But wait oooo what about the time u spend together? Is also a sacrifice u know. Seeing her beautiful face was enough to. Sry ko.

  7. Maybe two of you were not made to be one , God sent you into her life as a destiny helper. Be happy ,thank God for using you. Yours will come. Though it may be painful but you will understand it better by and by…

  8. Life goes on……she graduate from ur university of dating….. And she want master degree of marriage else where….. Guy take heart….more ladies will come ur way. Just be sincere and kick one in to ur house

  9. The good news is that you are better off without her. A girl who would leave you after 8 years without sex should tell you that she was probably sleeping with others during that time and still is. Move on and be grateful for the deliverance from a more devastating future heartbreak. Worship Him!

  10. This is bad tho but we can’t judge cos I know an orphan who had no one to take care of her so her guy took her in buh he was an abusing man ,she couldn’t leave him cos she had no one to pay her fees. when she finished her education and started working she became independent and left him.now he says the lady is ungrateful buh he has forgotten that he brought it upon himself.

  11. Abegi , lets hear word ! This shii has happened to soo may women too . Sory to the guy oooo cuz he really does not deserve that but some guys just do . This has happened to someone i know ( a girl ) soo men too are harsh atleast she didnt refuse anything cuz she was never asked . Not good tho but she had to move on !

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