Home Entertainment I am emotionless towards my two sons – Actor, Ayo Badmus

I am emotionless towards my two sons – Actor, Ayo Badmus

Ayo Badmus says he lacks emotions
Ayo Badmus says he lacks emotions

Ayo Badmus, Nollywood veteran actor, during an interview with Scoop, revealed a lot about himself; from family, to relationships, Nollywood and future projects. But what was the highlight of the interview is his personal relationship with his children, According to the actor, he lacks the will to show emotions to anyone, his children included.

When asked about fatherhood, he said;

“Fatherhood means responsibility. It is being a father to your children, a head of the house and a person who takes responsibility for everyone in the home. A father is like an umbrella where every other member of the house takes shade.”

When asked about his wife, he said;

I met her the way every other person meets their spouses. I was with a friend when I saw her, she was far off and because she is light-skinned, I could spot her and I kept staring at her. When she noticed I was looking at her, she was also looking my way. I later went to meet her and that was how we started.”

When asked if he got emotional the first time he carried his kid, he said;

I felt good and happy but I am not an emotional person. I am not just naturally emotional. I just carry them and play with them. It took a while before I bonded with my children and began to express my emotions which I should have done earlier. It’s not like I had issues with the baby. The problem was just with me.”

When asked how many kids he has, he said;

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“I have two boys.”

When asked how he shows appreciation to his kids, he said;

“Like I said earlier, I am not an emotional person. When they do well, especially in their academics, deep down inside of me, I am happy but I don’t know how to express it. We are just a normal family.”

When asked to advice aspiring fathers, he said;

I will like to tell them that fatherhood is not a joke; it is a serious business. It takes one’s freedom away from one. It means being responsible for a lifetime. Don’t rush into any marriage when you are not ready. Be convinced that you are ready to do it. When you start, there is no going back. It is a route of no return. As soon as you enter into it, you take up an entirely different life.

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