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10 things you really need to know about sex – No. 7 is the mistake we all make with condoms

Things you really need to know about sex
Things you really need to know about sex

It’s high time we educate you about sex, not just the basic but full fledged education. Let’s call this our sex-education class. We are the teachers and you, the student! Lol! Jokes apart, so what do you really know about sex asides how to last long, penetration and the basic stuffs? A lot of us don’t even know how to use a condom properly or what happens when you wear two at a time. A lot of us don’t know the myth behind “vagina fart”.

Well, this article by Natasha Ivanovic will help educate you properly! In sex ed when I was in school, we learned the basics. But when it comes to actual things to know about sex, you realize how little you actually know. This isn’t your fault! Since you’re reading this, you’re curious about sex—which is even better!

How else will you become better at it if you’re not curious to learn more about it? So, it’s time to put your textbook down because that’s not where you’re going to learn the real things to know about sex. You know, the things you’re too scared to ask someone, so you Google them. Those things. 

Important things to know about sex

The problem with Hollywood is that they make sex look like everyone’s floating on cloud nine. They move so elegantly, everything is perfectly in place, and of course, no one has any hair. But let’s get back into the real world.

When we’re having sex, it ain’t necessarily pretty. In fact, most of the time, it’s messy. Really messy. Though that’s the fun part, many of us are extremely insecure about what happens during sex. Sure, you know where the penis and vagina are, but what about all the little things *the sounds, smells, touches, and tastes* which actually make up sex? There’s more things to know about sex than you might think.

1) For better sex, talk. Yeah, I know, you probably think better sex comes when you have more sex, but that’s not the case. Better sex happens when you talk about it. How else will you be able to improve your sex if you and your partner don’t talk about the things that need improvement? It’s not as awkward of a conversation as you think it is. Just start it. 

2) Consent is actually necessary. You probably read this before and heard about it on TV. This isn’t some passing trend. Ask for consent. Both you and your sexual partner need to agree that you both want to have sex.

If your partner isn’t sure they want to have sex or isn’t saying a straight up “yes” then you don’t have their consent which means you should not have sex with them. It’s as simple as that. 

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