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Shocking video shows dead man waking up minutes before he is buried in Delta

Things happening in Nigeria are getting stranger by the day, I must confess. From one awkward story to another. That’s a we get to witness these days. A startling video which has gone viral and shared by countless amount of Social Media users, shows the moment a dead man woke up shortly before he was to be buried.

In the video, the man is seen being rushed to hospital after he woke up as many people scream out in awe and excitement.
Local reports show that the man is said to have died for about 7 hours but shocked many people when he suddenly woke up, just minutes before his burial at Jeddo, Warri, Delta State. The incident reportedly happened this morning.

The 25-year-old man identified as Akpo, reportedly died around 2a.m today and his grave was later dug. However, when day broke and he was about to be buried, his mom insisted that her child couldn’t die like that and started praying. Many people promptly joined her.
Akpo was said to have woken up upon the arrival of the casket they ordered for him.
The young man has since been rushed to the hospital.

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