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Real reasons why Shola Oguda fired back at Wizkid in the most explosive way

Today, Social Media users went agog after we were were woken up to series of leaked conversations between Wizkid’s first babymama, Shola and the starboy. Shola’s motive behind the leaking of her conversations with Wizkid was prompted as a result of starboy’s derogatory words towards her and Binta (His second babymama), calling them ‘money hungry hoes‘ but this isn’t the first time Shola Ogudu or Wizkid’s other baby mama, Binta Diallo has called him out on social media.

This time, the difference is we get to see a very venomous Shola (One we never could have imagined we’d see).

From a long epistle to screenshot messages between Wizkid and Sola Ogudu, here are seven things you can take from her social media meltdown which has gotten everyone talking.

1. Initial denial of their son 

According to Shola Ogudu, from the moment she discovered she was pregnant for Wizkid, he denied the baby. Even after giving birth to the baby, he still didn’t want anything to do with the baby. At some point, Wizkid and his family asked for a DNA test which came out positive. She went on to reveal that Wizkid’s family at the beginning would come to her house with gifts, pleading with her to understand that he would soon come around which he never did.

“You and your family asked for a DNA test…Which my family and i without hesitation agreed to; This same DNA test that took you well over a year to show up for; Results came out 99.9%.”

2. Pretending to be a good dad for the public

Sola Ogudu in her explosive revelation said Wizkid only did things for their son so as to be perceived in public as a good dad. According to her, he tattooed his name on his body to give the impression that he was a cool dad. She said she always wondered why he always sent shoes and necklaces to their son which he always took back. She called him a social media dad.

“I always wondered why you were so quick to send clothes and shoes, little did i know that it was for the appearance. Even the star boy chain and jewelry you claimed you got him, did you not take it back?”

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