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My dead son’s spirit uses our toilet at night – Woman says

A South African woman, as Ntombosindiso Thuthani says her dead son’s spirit has refused to leave her alone since his death. In fact, according to her, she has been haunted by his spirit and claims, the spirit uses thier toilet at night. She says the reason for this happenings is because his spirit wasn’t returned to her shack before he was buried, instead, the 17-year-old’s corpse was taken to the Eastern Cape by her granddad.

“Now I’m the one who’s paying for what was done. They should’ve brought him to Marikana first because he lived here. Now his spirit is haunting us,” said the mum.

The troubled woman claims her son’s spirit used her toilet at night.

“The trouble started a day after his funeral. At first I thought it was a naughty child, but then I noticed it happened at the same time. That’s how I knew it was him,” she said.

She claims it started with a knock on the door at about midnight. When she asked who was there, the person on the other side of the door told her to let him in.

Then she started hearing the person searching through her cupboard to grab some toilet paper. “After that I heard the person going to the toilet,” she said.

A spiritualist that was consulted said the family needed to perform rituals so Yamkela’s spirit could find peace:

“Even if they move, he will follow them because he wants his family. They must do the right thing.”

Pastor Ntombekhaya Plati from Genesis Faith Mission said a demon, and not Yamkela’s spirit, was to blame.

“They can’t do anything to bring him back,” said the pastor. “We will pray for them so they can be free.”

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