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Nigeria tops list of region searching for big b0obs — P*rnhub

Nigerian men are suckers for breasts and evidence of this preference goes beyond a line from Victor Olaiya‘s classic record ‘Baby Mi Da‘ where he begs his lover to give him cold breast to suck.

Nigerians love searching for big b0obs online

According to the number one p*rn site in the world, P*rnhub, the country with the most searches for breast is Nigeria. The most populous black nation in the world leads the pack in most interested breast related searches.

First of all, I hope you are not shocked that Nigerians love p*rn. The p*rn site X Videos is the 31st most visited site in Nigeria. Not only do we love p*rn but we love searching for breasts on p*rn sites.

The country that proportionately searches the most often for breasts is Nigeria, followed by Finland, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States” according to a P*rnhub research in 2017.

The full list is Nigeria, Finland, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, India, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium.

Nigeria leads in Breast Related Searches on P*rnhub

I prefer b0obs over ass anytime especially the big ones. I can die for big breasts. I’m not into asses but women with big breasts are my specChristopher* (not real name) to Pulse.

The fact that Nigerian men love breasts is a consensus agreed upon by Nigerian women too.

Not only do Nigerians search for breasts on p*rn sites, they are particularly interested in big breasts. “Large breasts are again biggest in Nigeria, along with Finland, Indonesia and Canada” states the P*rn Hub research.

Nigeria, Finland, Indonesia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, and Hong Kong are the countries most interested in large breasts.

Nigerians who watch p*rn are most interested in large breasts according to P*rnhub

Big Boobs Instagram culture

Roman Goddess can best be described as a social media celebrity known for her large breasts which she proudly flaunts. This has gotten her a following of over 300,000 fans on Instagram. Her comments are littered with thirsty men who drool over her.

The social media celeb Roman Goddess known for her most visible asset

WOW LOVE YOUR PILLOWS BOO” is probably the most PG comment you will read on her Instagram profile. She and other Instagram exotic models with huge breasts have become eye candies for Nigerian men who are crazy about breasts.

With over 300,000 followers on Instagram you can say Roman Goddess’ milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Nigerian women love big D

It’s not just Nigerian men that are dominating these searches. Nigerian women are in on the action too. It seems our ladies believe in the saying ‘the bigger, the better‘.

From the data you can see Nigerian women like it big


According to a P*rnhub Insights research carried out in 2016, Nigeria ranks fifth in terms of endowed searches. South Africa tops this list. “Based on the proportion of all searches within a country, we found that big dick searches were most popular among women in South Africa, followed by the United States, Jamaica, Kenya and Nigeria,” says P*rnhub.

The longer the better

I prefer big and mighty,” says Nneka* (not real name) with regards to the type of penis she likes and searches for online. Jenny also prefers her men endowed. “Big fat di*k,” she says without a hint of shyness.

Well, thanks to P*rnhub we now know that Nigerian men and women like it big, very big.

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