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I became a Christian the day I stopped going to church – Daddy Freeze

One of the most controversial On Air Personalities in the country, Daddy Freeze has revealed via his Twitter that he has stopped going to Church and since then on he has becomed a good Christain.

Daddy Freeze is known for revolting against certain church practices especially the payment of tithes. According to him, the payment of tithes is tantamount to robbing the poor, and should be stopped.

The controversial On-Air Personality has, over time, attacked pastors who accept tithes, a movement which has won him many followers on social media who believe his every word.

Now, in his latest public statement, Daddy Freeze has declared that he became a Christian the day he stopped to church. He made the statement on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, the clear oxymoron left many followers confused because Christians are known for the attention they give to going to church and becoming religious.

However, while clarifying his statement revealed since he stopped going to a physical church, he started attending an online church where members ‘worship in truth and in spirit.

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