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15 weird types of people you would meet in Nigerian Banks – Everyone is used to the pen borrowers but #15 should be arrested (With Pics)

When it comes to temperament, there are basically four kinds of people on earth. But when characters and behaviours are in play, you can meet a thousand and one different kinds, all in one day. Especially in Nigerian banking hall, people act in funny ways and sometimes, one just can’t help but wonder when Nigerians will change from their regular sub-standardized attitudes. If you bank regularly, you will easily relate to the things on this list. You must have encountered one or more of this kind of people in a bank, they are everywhere and can really get on one’s nerves. Check them out.

1. The Pen Borrowers

It won’t hurt if every Nigerian will spend N20 to acquire a pen rather than borrowing one in a bank which they usually fail to return. Once you lend out your pen to these borrowers, you have to close mark them else your pen is gone for good. It’s either you won’t recognize the person again or he will tell you “sorry I gave it to the woman over there” when you finally fish him out. Pen borrowers would not bring a pen to the bank but would go home with more than one, this is why most banks attach a rope to their pens. To think that these banks do not trust customers with a common pen, while the customers trust them with their life savings, is alarming.

2. The People Who Always Forget to Drop The Duplicate Slip

It’s either they are in a hurry or are a novice to the banking procedure. These set of people after their transactions will just march out of the banking hall, pink slip in hand. Then later rush back to drop it or complain about an unsuccessful credit transaction which is most often their fault. They raise their voices in their ignorance and succeed in attracting the attention of virtually everyone in the hall.

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