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Nigerian Celebrities who reportedly had affairs with their Managers (PHOTOS)

The Nigerian entertainment industry is known for its numerous activities which are come across as entertainment and relaxation to the audience. Being in the spotlight, their lives are open for all to see. They seem to have lost their right to privacy as everything they do tends to be everybody’s business. Their love lives aren’t spared from the scrutiny of the public. Members of the public have full interest in who they choose to date or have any romantic affairs with. Such affairs have huge following with the audience speculating on their next moves. It becomes even more interesting if they choose to date their managers. Some of our celebrities have been in the news for allegedly having affairs with their managers

Let’s take a look at five Nigerian celebrities who were reported to have allegedly dated their managers.

Tiwa Savage

Today, Nigerian singing sensation Tiwa Savage is the proud wife of Tunji Balogun. But before the two walked down the aisle, they were reported to be involved in a romantic affair. According to reports, Tunji was very helpful when the very popular Tiwa relocated back to Nigeria to pursue her music dreams. He became her manager, and together, they worked towards growing her brand as one of the most sought after female musicians on the African continent. Having shared the same passion and ambition, it was only natural for the two to find love in each other.

Emma Nyra

American born Nigerian Singer Emma Nyra was reported to be in a relationship with her former record label boss Ubi Franklin who also doubled as her manager. The affair enjoyed some media publicity until trouble started in paradise with Emma accusing Ubi of physical and emotional abuse. Shortly after, she left the record label Made Men Music, and that was the end of the affair.

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