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David VS Wizkid: Who has more fans, more awards, International recognition, Who has helped more people? Endorsements and many more (With Pics)

The Wizkid and Davido vendetta started with the fans of both artistes, They are both the Ronaldo and Messi of the Nigerian music industry. Their massive follower-ship has placed some level of standard on the youngsters who call the shots in the Nigerian music industry. Listed below are the yardsticks for who is better between the duo. These might not prove enough for the “stans” of both celebrities but it just outlines some facts about the most sought after African artistes. These are 5 areas where Davido won Wizkid in Fans’ assessment.


1. Who’s richer Davido Or Wizkid?

With a Net Worth of $21 Million Dollars, Davido has always been soaring among the richest Nigerian Musicians. Few of his endorsement deals include his N30 million naira deal with MTN, N100 million naira deal with Pepsi soft drink brand where Wizkid is also an Ambassador, and a deal with Guiness Nigeria worth millions. He’s at the top of the music industry, and one of the lucky Nigerian artistes signed to Sony Music.

‘Davido Obviously Has More Money’. When it comes to the money war, Davido holds the bigger gun. In addition to his achievement, being the son of a multi-millionaire makes him a very rich individual based off his future inheritance.

 Before the release of his first album, he moved into a owned mansion when Wizkid rented a house in Lekki after considerable success after his first was released.

According to ‘Dare’ a Fan of both artiste who was interviewed, Davido’s money count is considered too much for Wizzy to match.

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