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Checkout Odunlade Adekola’s house and cars

Odunlade Adekola actor made his money mostly on the famous Yoruba movies, like “Alani pamolekun,” “Asiri Gomina Wa,” “Mufu Olosa Oko,” “Rihannat,” “Kabi o Osi,” “Emi Nire Kan,” “Gholahan” and many others. He is a holder of four Awards for Best Actor of the Year in 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2015. Another major part of his income comes from his hotel constructed in Ogun State. He is extremely wealthy. Therefore, every piece of his life falls into interests of his millions of fans.

Odunlade Adekola Hotel

Trusted sources inform that the actor has a huge mansion in an affluent area of Abeokuta. His family lives in the Government Reserved Area of Abeokuta. The estimated price of the mansion in Abeokuta costs about twenty million Naira. His other house is located in Lagos. The market price is also around twenty million Naira.

Yoruba Actor Odunlade Adekola latest car is a Range Rover Sport. This vehicle costs around $112 000. He also likes to use his old Toyota Camry for scheduled meetings. Still, Range Rover Sport is his most favorite car.

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