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6 mysterious spots hidden in famous locations – Some of these pictures may creep you out

What is it about the hidden rooms that gets us all giddy? Is it the fact that we may find something cool inside? Maybe it’s just about exploring the unknown… And what if I told you that there are secret rooms all over the world, and many of them are hidden inside popular places and landmarks visited by a slew of tourists every day? Sounds great? Then let’s go visit 6 mysterious spots hidden in famous locations!

1. Niagara falls – Evil spirit cave

There’s an ancient Indians’ legend that the cave near Niagara falls is the home to an evil spirit, and to prove their courage, the Seneca warriors would enter this cursed place and hope to survive. It is said that the walls of the cave amplify the rumbling of the Niagara, thus creating powerful sound effects that used to bring the Seneca to their knees. It’s basically like a huge speaker of some sort!


2. Abandoned Island in Disneyland

Have you been to Florida’s Walt Disney World? And did you know there’s an abandoned island somewhere inside? To be fair the people from Disney have stated that they have grand plans for that island in the nearest future, but for now nobody’s allowed to set foot in there… I wonder why.

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