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Top Post Today: 10 photos that prove Meghan Markle is already feeling trapped by The Royal Life

Meghan Markle’s wish of becoming Princess Diana 2.0 is coming true, but as she is discovering, our wishes don’t always make for the best realities. With its endless rules about everything, the royal life isn’t all it’s cracked out to be and it’s clear that Meghan is already struggling.

Will she be known as “Princess” Meghan? How is she different from Kate Middleton?  So many questions, and not enough answers from the source herself. Meghan Markle has remained completely tight-lipped for some time now, but there are certain signs that she is feeling trapped that are just impossible to miss.

She may have chosen the royal life for herself when she chose Prince Harry (or according to his own interview, when he chose her to be his lucky lady), but it doesn’t mean that she is any happier. Aside from giving up acting and leaving her beloved role on Suits, she has had to give up way more than she was ever prepared to let go. Her entire life, dreams, and aspirations have all been adapted to fit within the royal family’s way of doing things and while no one is anticipating her to be a runaway bride, it’s only a matter of time before she cracks under the pressure.

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