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Signs That Speak Your Man Is Faithful To You


Every girl has a picture of that perfect boy in her head who needs to have certain qualities like good looking, loyal, understanding, good in bed, etc., etc.; the list is really long and never-ending. But loyalty is one factor that can cover up all the flaws.

If your man is not that great looking and rich but loyal to you, then other things just don’t matter much because at the end of the day what counts is how much he is yours. If he is damn good looking and too rich but is not loyal to you, then his presence in your life doesn’t make any sense. He is not even suitable for being called your man.

Let’s see what are the signs that say that your man is faithful to you:

Random Texts And Calls
He randomly texts and calls you to make sure if you ate on time, if you are missing him or not, etc. It is just not necessary for him to keep on calling you and texting you all the time but if he is randomly calling and texting you or just says I love you randomly, it means that you are only always on his mind and not any other woman.

Deletion Of Dating Apps
He deletes all of the dating apps like Tinder, Happn, etc. as soon as you enter his life. Why would he even need those apps if he is already dating you? This doesn’t mean you will forcefully make him do all this. If this comes consciously from his side and he deletes those apps by himself, then he is definitely giving his level best to stay loyal to you.

You Are Well Known To His Friends And Colleagues
He tells and talks about you frequently in front of his friends and colleagues and makes sure that everyone knows that he is already taken by you. This doesn’t mean he needs to announce this all over social media and also the parents. But some people like his friends, girls who have been drooling over him, colleagues, etc. should know about you very well. If he is keeping them informed about you, then definitely he is being loyal to you.

Doesn’t Panic When His Phone Blinks
Yes, this is a very important sign and speaks a lot. Whenever you are with him and his phone blinks of a new text message or a call, he does not get a panic attack and behaves weird, he rather asks you to pass his phone so that he can check his text or receive the call.

Brownie points for him if he asks you to reply on his behalf when he is not able to do that by himself, or is busy in the washroom, or just asks you to check the message on his behalf. This shows that he is not flirting with anyone else and has immense faith in you and wants to build the same for you.

No More Existence Of Exes And Booty Calls
If he deletes all of his exes and past booty calls from his Whatsapp, social media, address book, etc. then this also points towards his loyalty. Of course, why does he even need any of his exes or booty calls when you are enough for him to satisfy him? If he is satisfied with you and doesn’t even wanna see his exes in his feed or the contact list, then this is also a signboard of his loyalty.

Says ‘I Love You’ While Making Love
A lot of you might agree on this, but I feel that if he says I love you even once while making love to you, it means that you mean a lot to him and even when in bed, he wants to express how much he loves you and how much you matter to him. This sign shows and speaks a lot about his loyalty. This means that you are not only there for him to satisfy him in bed but also means a lot to him in life as well.

Possessive But Not Over Possessive
If he is a little bit possessive about you and feels that nobody else can have you, then he also has the gut feeling of not sharing himself with anyone else. Possessiveness means that he cares and cannot see you with anyone else. This keeps him loyal too.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
If he removes the hands of the other girl being touchy with him, if he warns the other girl while she is getting flirty with him, then these actions speak louder than the words said by him. If he doesn’t want any other woman’s touch or lovey-dovey words, it should reflect in his actions too. If he does the above things also consciously, then he is definitely loyal to you.

It is not only his job to stay loyal to you, it should be a two-way thing. Love him and stay loyal to him enough in order to keep him loyal to you too.

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