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BBNaija’s Uriel Oputa opens up on how she deals with her mother having dementia… And it’s truly touching

Uriel and mum
Uriel and mum

BBNaija 2017 housemate, Uriel Oputa has bared it all as she opens up on finding out her mum had been diagnosed with dementia, dealing with it and ensuring her mum never lacks anything.
Here are some excerpt from the interview

“We started to notice quite early because we’ll be watching stuff and she’ll be asking you the same questions over again. One day, she tried to cook chicken but ended up putting the whole chicken packet with the plastic inside the microwave.

If nobody came at the right time, the place would have exploded. She’ll be cooking, frying something, everywhere will be smoky and she won’t notice. She’ll come inside the house, she will leave the front door open and she won’t know.”

Dealing with the sickness

“It was very scary. My mom would normally go to work and come back, but we noticed she will go to work and wouldn’t know how to find her way home and she will call us and be crying that she doesn’t know her way back that someone should come and get her that she doesn’t know where to go, she doesn’t know the right step to take, she’s lost and this is a route she has been taking for many years, and that she doesn’t even know the way to our house.”

On putting her mum in a retirement home

“I said no. As long as I’m here with my mum, I will bath her, change her and do everything. Then, if somebody will just come, maybe come and go. Like now that I’m here with you, someone is with my mum, but as far as cleaning, bathing is concerned, I do everything for her. I don’t allow anybody to touch her food, I don’t like that.”

 On dealing with depression

“My depression came from having my own insecurities, not being where I wanted to be, having men promising me houses and cars but because of my faith, I always said no and I never understood why I always say no. That thing where this is not how you were raised was so strong and I couldn’t part away from it. I was just frustrated. I became depressed.”

Source: fabwoman.ng

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