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6 Ways To Live An Organised Life In The University 

4. Arrange your things the night before. 

You not only reduce your chances of getting late this way, but you would also finish all you need to do and have a little time for yourself. You know how long it takes to pick an outfit and do your hair and makeup on the morning. Imagine the freedom you would have if you chose your outfit and curled your wig the night before. Your morning would be a breeze, believe me. So make sure your shoes are clean, your bag is packed and ready and your outfit is ready to wear the night before. It may seem childish and ‘ ugh, no’ but try it tonight and you’ll see how you’ll surf through tomorrow morning.

5. Find a way around transportation.

If you live, off campus, transportation would definitely, be an issue. You have two solutions. One, you can  get friendly with a transporter (ie okada or keke marowa drivers) and collect their telephone numbers. It would require humility and a couple of bucks though, but transportation would be covered in the long-run. If it isn’t something you can obtain like that, then observe the nature of things. You rarely find transport during rush hours so leave before or far after the rush hour. For mornings, leave before rush hour (obviously) and for evenings, you can leave school after rush hour. Find a way around it.


6. Have a folder. Or two, or three. 

For my first year on campus, I had just one folder I kept everything of relative importance. This included official papers, marked assignments, exam questions, exam passes, passports, all school forms and so on. Not only did it help me have everything in one place and easy to find, it also kept my papers creaseless and neat. Having a folder is strongly advised. You can get them in any bookstore at NGN100-150.

Of course, there are other ways to stay organized on campus. Having a place for everything is another way as is having an organised room. You should also try cooking your breakfast/lunch the night before. Living on campus doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. My first year was easier than I expected it to be. Get into the system and get organised.

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