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10 odd things that are surprisingly true about Dubai – You need to read this if you’re planning on traveling there (With Pic)

One of the most incredible cities in the world, there are so many things about Dubai that absolutely blows us away. For instance, if we had the means and time we would happily travel there just to see the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa. However, most people know about the existence of that building, but there are several other facts about the city that are not talked about nearly as much which we don’t understand at this point. On top of the many amazing facts about Dubai that aren’t talked about nearly enough, it is also amazing just how many misconceptions about the city are commonly believed. In fact, being entirely forthright we have to admit that we were among the group of people that were misinformed about several things about Dubai. Realizing that there are so many fascinating things about the city inspired us to put together this list of 10 misconceptions about Dubai and 10 odd things about it that are surprisingly true.


1 Big Buildings and Businesses

One of the things that some people in Dubai clearly like to boast about, when they things are built in this city they have a tendency to go big or go home. Exemplified by the fact that the tallest structure in the world was built there, the Burj Khalifa is far from the only massive thing that has been created within the city borders. For instance, the tallest hotel in the world, biggest mall, and largest aquarium and second largest manmade marina also all exist in Dubai.

2 You Can Ski There

A city that we all know does not exist far from the desert, it may seem safe to assume you will never need a winter jacket in Dubai but not so fast. That is because someone decided to build a resort that is aptly named Ski Dubai in the city. Highlighted by a manmade mountain that is covered in artificial snow, it has brought the joys of downhill skiing to an area of the world that would otherwise never get to experience it.

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