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Morning Or Night? When Is The Right Time To Shower?


When is the right time to shower? Morning, evening or night? Well, some people feel comfortable to take a bath in the morning whereas some prefer evenings.

For some, morning showers work well as they prepare them for the work day. For some people, evening showers work well as they help in falling asleep faster.

But what’s the best time to shower? Firstly, is there any right time to shower? Well, read on to know…

When To Shower?

It depends upon what you do throughout your day. If your work makes you come home with soiled clothes, wouldn’t you shower in the evening? If your workdoesn’t involve all that, you would obviously prefer morning showers, right?

What If You Sweat?

If your day makes you sweat a lot, you would obviously shower whenever you reach home irrespective of the time of the day. Whether it is morning, noon or evening, you would first shower if you sweat a lot.


When To Shower At Night?

If your day is very active or sweaty, it is better to clean up your body in the night before you go to sleep. A shower can clear dirt and bacteria on the skin.

Cold Or Hot Showers?

If you love morning showers, cold showers are the best as they help you gear up for work. If you love night showers then a warm shower is better as it helps you fall asleep.

How Night Showers Help

A study claims that night showers help in getting a relaxed sleep at least during the first phase of sleep . If you are suffering from insomnia, try a warm shower in the evening.

Can You Bath Both In The Morning And The Evening?

No! Your skin may lose natural oils and may become too dry if you shower twice a day. But wait. Ask your doctor. If your skin permits and the weather in your area is too sultry then, maybe two showers a day might work.

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