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10 photos that prove Meghan Markle is already feeling trapped by The Royal Life

Meghan Markle’s wish of becoming Princess Diana 2.0 is coming true, but as she is discovering, our wishes don’t always make for the best realities. With its endless rules about everything, the royal life isn’t all it’s cracked out to be and it’s clear that Meghan is already struggling. Will she be known as “Princess” Meghan? How is she different from Kate Middleton?  So many questions, and not enough answers from the source herself. Meghan Markle has remained completely tight-lipped for some time now, but there are certain signs that she is feeling trapped that are just impossible to miss.


She may have chosen the royal life for herself when she chose Prince Harry (or according to his own interview, when he chose her to be his lucky lady), but it doesn’t mean that she is any happier. Aside from giving up acting and leaving her beloved role on Suits, she has had to give up way more than she was ever prepared to let go. Her entire life, dreams, and aspirations have all been adapted to fit within the royal family’s way of doing things and while no one is anticipating her to be a runaway bride, it’s only a matter of time before she cracks under the pressure.

10 Princess Diana 2.0

We have already touched upon Princess Diana a couple of times, but she is actually another reason why Meghan Markle is inadvertently feeling trapped by the royal life. Simply put, there is just no way for her to escape being endlessly associated with her late mother-in-law. Just as Diana was seen as a fashion icon, Meghan is already being seen as one.

According to The Times, her childhood friend, Ninaki Priddy, even said: “She was always fascinated by the royal family. She wants to be Princess Diana 2.0.”

It’s hard to believe that to be true, but if it is, then it’s probably safe to assume that her childhood friend hasn’t received an invitation to the wedding of the year.

In an interview with BBC, Prince Harry actually commented that he’s convinced that Meghan would have been great friends with his mom, saying, “They’d be thick as thieves, without question. I think she would be over the moon, jumping up and down, you know so excited for me, but then, as I said, would have probably been best friends with Meghan.”

Unfortunately, with anything Meghan ever does and will ever do, she will always be compared to Diana, and there’s no escaping that.

9 Meghan Or Kate: Who Is Better?

Everywhere you look, Meghan Markle is either compared to Princess Diana or Kate Middleton. Who is more stylish? Who is more hard-working? Whose wax figure is better looking? With Meghan being absolutely tight-lipped recently and not giving any interviews, it’s clear that the tabloids have been grappling at straws in an effort to come up with the most sensationalized headline for clicks.

Glamour recently pointed out many diverging aspects of her wedding from that of Prince William and Kate’s. Most notably, the fact that it falls on a Saturday and not during the weekday. This little detail is actually a huge one as it actually breaks tradition. Since Prince William’s wedding fell on a weekday, people in the country automatically received a day off.

For Prince Harry’s wedding, there won’t be a day off, which doesn’t really help with gaining the public’s interest. According to Reuters, a poll “found that 66 percent of Britons are not interested in the event, with 60 percent of Britons planning to have a normal weekend.”

Unfortunately for Meghan, her comparison to Kate Middle will never end and her wedding is just the beginning. We can look forward (or not) to a lot more of “who wore it best?”

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